Public Pickup Sites

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Providence and Pawtucket

  Hope Artiste Village**

 YMCA: East Side

◆ Stock Culinary Goods

 New Harvest Coffee & Spirits

 Providence City Hall

 Eastside Mart (on Lloyd Ave)**

 YMCA of Greater Providence



Tuesday Pickup

Wednesday Pickup


Egg & Dairy pick up available here




 YMCA: Cranston

 Edgewood Cheese Shop and Eatery (Pawtuxet Village)


 North Scituate Public Library


Northern Rhode Island

★ YMCA: MacColl

★ Rhode Island Athetic Club 

 Wright's Dairy Farm    

 YMCA: Smithfield


East Bay

 YMCA: Bayside

West Bay

 YMCA: Kent

 Vector Software 

 YMCA: West Bay 

 Dominion Diagnostics                                             

Aquidneck Island

 YMCA: Newport








Make Your Workplace a Pickup Site!


For greatest convenience, why not start the Veggie Box program at your workplace?

Veggie Box is an excellent worksite wellness program, offering easy access to fresh, healthy, local produce.

Dozens of worksites across Rhode Island have discovered that Veggie Boxes are a great match for their employees, keeping them happy and healthy.

Veggie Boxes can be found at corporate workplaces, city and state government agencies, social service and nonprofit organizations, small businesses and more.

If you are interested in bringing Veggie Box to your workplace click here to provide us with more information about your site.

We can also be contacted directly at (401) 312-4250 or