Behind the Scenes

Originally developed through a collaboration with the Rhode Island Department of Health’s Workplace Wellness department in the summer of 2011, Veggie Box was designed as a way for individuals to access fresh, healthy, local foods conveniently through their workplaces and as a way for workplaces to offer employees a program that supports both wellness and local agriculture.


During the program’s first year, Veggie Box quickly found champions at workplaces, hospitals, universities and other organizations interested in supporting both their employees and local economies. Veggie Box also found a great partner in the YMCAs of Rhode Island, which offer Veggie Boxes at many of their branches as a benefit to their members and the communities around them.


Veggie Box is a sister program to Farm Fresh’s Market Mobile wholesale distribution program, which distributes local produce and other products to restaurants, grocery stores and other customers around Rhode Island and the greater Boston area. Veggie Box builds upon Market Mobile’s distribution infrastructure while providing new markets for local farmers and a convenient platform for participants to access local food through their workplace or community center.


Since 2011 the Veggie Box program has continued to grow, engaging new workplaces and individuals in the local food system and providing a stable wholesale marketplace for local growers. Veggie Boxes have been available year-round since 2014.  See our Impact section for more information about Veggie Box’s contribution on the local food system and the farms it supports.