Veggie box expands upon Farm Fresh RI's local food distribution program for businesses by utilizing Market Mobile's infrastructure to serve individuals and families. The program seeks to improve the health of both worksite employees and farms by: Increasing sales and consumption of locally grown products; providing convenient access to local foods; Increasing fresh fruit and vegetable consumption; creating demand for local foods in workplaces.




We have worked with 38 small to mid-sized farms across Rhode Island to source our produce for Veggie Boxes. Our program helps increase farms' capacity to offer larger quantities of produce while also helping to preserve farmland around the state. Increased sales in vegetables will support additional acreage for more vegetables and fruits.  



We have had over 4,000 individuals sign up for Veggie Boxes! This means that over 4,000 Rhode islanders have helped to support fellow Rhode Island and Massachusetts farmers. By providing convenient access to fresh vegetables and fruit, our program also helps individuals and their family members lead healthier lifestyles.   

 164 sites have participated in the Veggie Box program, most of which have been worksites. We have worked with a diverse range of worksites to increase workplace wellness, from institutions such as hospitals and schools, to corporate offices and cultural centers. We are also pleased partner with many YMCAs across the state, as we work together to strengthen the connections both within our community and those between our community and our local farmers. 

Because the Veggie Box program sources and delivers food using our wholesale program, Market Mobile, we are engaging in a more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally sustainable manner of food distribution. It also opens up a new market for local farms to engage with individual customers, complementing Market Mobile's customers who are primarily institutional, such as restaurants and grocery stores.