Create a Pickup Site

Are you interested in making your worksite, community center, school, or gym a new Veggie Box site? Follow the steps below to get set up! We offer Veggie Box year round, and you can start anytime. We're happy to answer any questions that you might have throughout the process! Just drop us a note at

1.  Learn about the program

Please read through our website to get acquainted with our program.

If Veggie Box sounds like a good fit for your site, determine who could be your site coordinator. This person will serve as a point-of-contact for Farm Fresh and will recruit participants, relay delivery information, create a pick-up system for Veggie Box participants, and donate/distribute any boxes not picked up.


2.  Determine minimum number of participants

A minimum number of participants at a site is required. This minimum is based on location and usually ranges from 6-20 people. Fill out this form and we can let you know what your minimum and delivery day (Tuesday or Wednesday) your site would be.


3.  Gauge interest at your site

Are there enough people who are interested in Veggie Boxes at your potential site? Feel free to use the following blurb as a starting point to explain the program to friends, co-workers, and community members: 


Looking for a convenient way to access delicious veggies from nearby farms? Veggie Box is a subscription to a curated box of fresh, local produce from RI and MA farms.  

Each box contains 7-9 different types of seasonal produce.  

Along with each box, participants receive an email newsletter packed with recipes and information.

Boxes are available on a weekly or a biweekly basis.  Boxes cost $28/week, and payment is made in full for one month at a time.  
There is a $6 annual fee.  Farm Fresh accepts most credit cards and EBT/SNAP cards for Veggie Box payment.  
You can sign up at

4.  Set up your site for registration

Once you have the required minimum number of people interested in enrolling, fill out this form and we can set your site up in our ordering software.

5.  Spread the word

As soon as your site is ready for registration, we can send you a seasonal flyer and brochure customized for your site.

6.  Participant sign-up

Participants can create customer profiles and sign up for the program by going to

7.  Delivery!

We'll keep tabs on registrations, and let you know when enough participants have registered to begin delivery.

8.  Check In

Let us know how your first Veggie Box delivery went! We look forward to sustaining and growing the Veggie Box program at your site for many seasons to come.