Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

About the Produce

How much food will I get each week?

Each box contains 7-9 items.

How many people does one Veggie Box feed?

If you and your household really love fresh, delicious veggies, then this box will feed 1 to 2 people for a week. If your Veggie Box is acting primarily as a supplement to a grocery trip each week, then the box may feed up to four or five people.

Do I get a choice of what is in my box?

No. The box is pre-packed, but the contents will change each week as the season changes. Your box may contain items with which you are unfamiliar. We hope that this helps introduce you to new vegetables and that you enjoy the challenge of finishing them each week.

Is the food in my box organic?
Veggie Box sources from over two dozen family farms in RI and MA who use a variety of growing practices, including organic, chemical-free, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and conventional.

What types of foods are in Veggie Boxes in the winter/spring/summer/fall?
Here is a sample of Veggie Box contents for each season:



 - pea greens

 - wheat berries

 - radishes

 - kale

 - potatoes

 - carrots

 - cornmeal

 - strawberry jam



 - mixed peppers

 - roma tomatoes

 - tomatillos

 - eggplant 

 - corn

 - arugula

 - garlic

 - peaches


 - apples

 - leeks

 - collard greens

 - carrots

 - kohlrabi

 - sweet potatoes

 - squash

 - cranberries



 - beets

 - butternut squash

 - parsnips

 - hakurei turnips

 - potatoes

 - bok choi

 - apples

 - popcorn on the cob


What allergens are handled in your facility?
Veggie Box packs in warehouse that also handles wheat, eggs, milk, nuts, peanuts, fish, and shellfish.

Can I receive egg or dairy with my Veggie Box?

Yes, there are certain locations that allow for Egg and Dairy pick up. Follow this link for more information.



Signing Up For Subscriptions
I've created an account. How do I sign up for a box?
Click on the order button and add Veggie Box to your order. That's it! You should be all set.

How many boxes should I put in my cart?
Please enter the number of boxes you want to receive with each delivery. If you want one box every week, place the number "1" in the quantity box on the registration page.

Where is the check-out button?
There is no check-out button on our website. Once you register for the number of boxes you want, you are all set. We will bill you at the end of the month for the upcoming month of deliveries.


Can I split a Veggie Box with a co-worker?

Sure! You can feel free to share the price and produce of a Veggie Box with a friend. However, coordination of box pick-up and splitting is the responsibility of the customer. Please let your site coordinator know if you are splitting a box, to eliminate any confusion on pick-up day.

Is it possible to give a gift certificate for Veggie Boxes to a friend or family member?
Yes! To learn more, click here.


Managing Subscriptions
How do I switch from Biweekly to Weekly, or Weekly to Biweekly?
Send an email to and we'll be happy to make that switch for you. Please make sure to email us by the Thursday before your next delivery so we can ensure the change is made.

What if I'll be on vacation and can't pick up my Veggie Box?
No problem! Please fill out our vacation form. In order to skip a scheduled delivery, we need to be notified by the Thursday before the delivery date. Otherwise, we cannot cancel your delivery because food has already been purchased from farmers. If you haven't been charged for that box, it won't be included on your monthly billing. If you've already paid for the box, you'll get a credit towards the next month.

I'm leaving my job but still want my Veggie Box. What do I do?
Veggie Boxes are available for pick up at numerous public sites around Rhode Island. Find a list of public pick up sites here.

How do I cancel my subscription?
Please fill out our cancellation form. Refunds will be given for boxes not yet delivered as long as we are notified by the Thursday before the delivery date. Otherwise, we cannot provide a refund because food has already been purchased from farmers.


When will I be billed?
Toward the end of the month, customers will be billed for the entire upcoming month of Veggie Boxes. 

Why is there an extra $6 charge on my bill?
There is an annual $6 program participation fee. It will be charged to your account when we bill you for the first time. 

How do I pay for Veggie Boxes with EBT?
There are a few options available to pay for your Veggie Boxes with EBT. Federal regulations do not allow us to process EBT cards online or over the phone.

Option 1:   Come to the Farm Fresh Rhode Island office (1005 Main Street, Suite #8130, Pawtucket, RI 02860) once a month to swipe your card.

Option 2:   Pre-arrange (by emailing to come to a farmers market run by Farm Fresh Rhode Island once a month to swipe your card. See the list of farmers markets here

Option 3:   We can train any interested site coordinator on how to fill out EBT vouchers and mail them to us. If you're interested in this option, please contact your site coordinator and


Picking Up
How long do I have to pick up my Veggie Box?
Farm Fresh is not responsible for Veggie Boxes not picked up the day they are delivered, and cannot replace them or refund them if they are no longer there after delivery day.  The latest times that Veggie Boxes can be picked up vary by site. Please contact your site coordinator to learn the specifics for your location. Veggie Boxes should always be picked up on the day of delivery. We understand that accidents happen and you might not make it to pick up your Veggie Box on delivery day. Some sites are able to hold boxes overnight if they are not picked up, but this is not possible at most sites.

I just went to pick up my Veggie Box. Although my name is on the list, there are no boxes left. What do I do?
Contact your site coordinator and Farm Fresh as soon as you discover that your box is missing. (You can just send one email to both your site coordinator and We will do our best to find the missing box or get a replacement box to you. If that is not possible, we will issue a refund. Please be sure to contact us within 24 of the delivery. After 24 hours, Veggie Box will no longer be able to replace or refund your box.

I forgot to pick up my Veggie Box! What should I do?
Contact your site coordinator right away. Some sites are able to hold boxes overnight if they are not picked up, but this is not possible at most sites. Farm Fresh Rhode Island cannot provide a replacement or a refund for boxes not picked up on the day of delivery.

I just received my Veggie Box, and I'm missing a vegetable or I'm unhappy with a vegetable's quality.
We do have someone doing quality control for each vegetable and checking that we've put everything into each box, but sometimes things slip past us anyway. Please let us know if this happens, and we'll do what we can to correct the issue!