Veggie Box is a program of Farm Fresh Rhode Island, a non-profit growing a local food system that values the environment, health and quality of life of RI farmers and eaters. Part incubator, part activator, our programs grow the local food system by building capacity in three areas; producers, farmers and eaters. Farm Fresh RI runs an online farm and food guide, farmers markets in low-income neighborhoods, nutrition and culinary education programs, and distribution programs.

Veggie Box is a weekly subscription to a curated box of fresh, local produce from RI and MA farms. Veggie Boxes are delivered directly to workplaces, community centers, schools and daycares around Rhode Island. Since they are sourced through Market Mobile, local origin and a fair price for farms are guaranteed.

Every week, participants will receive a newsletter with information about what is in their share, recipe suggestions, and stories about the farms. If you love fresh, locally grown foods but don't have the time to pick each item out at the farmers market (and are excited about trying a few new ingredients), this program is for you!