How It Works

We now offer Veggie Boxes year-round, making it easier than ever to eat local!

We offer biweekly deliveries from January through June, and both weekly and biweekly deliveries from July through December. 

Basic Details
—Boxes cost $28 each, and payment is made in full for one month at a time, in advance.
—There is a small annual service fee of $6
—Veggie Box is an ongoing subscription.
—Boxes contain 7-9 different types of seasonal produce.
—Please note: Veggie Boxes are packed in a facility that handles allergens.

Registration and Recurring Boxes

—Registration and payment are made online. Billing is processed one month at a time.

—Choose your Veggie Box: Weekly (available at certain sites), Biweekly: Schedule A or Schedule B.

—Place ONE box into your shopping cart. This will finalize your subscription to receive ONE Veggie Box each delivery.

Cancellation Policy

Customers are welcome to cancel their subscription at any time. Please fill out our Cancellation Form. Alternatively, you may contact us by email: or by phone: 401-312-4250.

You must notify us by the Thursday before the next delivery date in order to skip or cancel that box and be eligible for a refund.

—We cannot provide a refund if we are not notified by the Thursday prior to the next delivery as the food has already been purchased from our farmers.

Vacation Policy

If you need to skip a box, fill out our Vacation Request Form or contact us by email: We need to be notified by the Thursday before the delivery date. Otherwise, we cannot cancel your delivery and you will still be charged for the box because the food has already been purchased from our farmers. If you haven't been charged for that box yet, it will not be included on your monthly billing. If you have already paid for the box, your payment will roll over and count as a credit towards the next month. 

Pickup Deadline
Farm Fresh is not responsible for Veggie Boxes not picked up the day they are delivered, and cannot replace them or refund them if they are no longer there after delivery day. The latest times that Veggie Boxes can be picked up vary by site. Please contact your site coordinator to learn the specifics for your location. Veggie Boxes should always be picked up on the day of delivery. Some sites are able to hold boxes overnight if they are not picked up, but this is not possible at most sites.

Missing Box Policy

What do you do if you go to pick up your box, and there aren't any boxes left? Contact your site coordinator and Farm Fresh as soon as you discover that your box is missing (you can just send one email to both your site coordinator and We will do our best to find the missing box or get a replacement box to you. If that is not possible, we will issue a refund. Please be sure to contact us within 24 hours of the delivery. After 24 hours, Veggie Box will no longer be able to replace or refund your box.


Veggie Box bills on a monthly basis for all boxes scheduled for delivery in the following month.

—If you are signing up in the middle of the month, you will be billed right away for the annual fee and any deliveries remaining in the month that you sign up.

—In a 4-week month, the charge will be $56 for the biweekly box (two deliveries) or $112 for weekly boxes (four deliveries). In months with five weeks, the cost may be $84 for biweekly (three deliveries) and $140 for weekly (five deliveries).  

—We are happy to accept payment by EBT/SNAP card!  Please contact to set yours up.

Pickup Sites

Check out our Find A Pickup Site for a list of participating public pick-up sites around the state, and more information on how to start Veggie Boxes at your worksite.

—Delivery is on Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on location.

—The minimum number of participants at a site is based on the site's location.

—Some pick up sites offer Egg and Dairy pick up. Click the link to discover where it's offered and how it works!

Newsletter and Blog

Each week, you will receive our Veggie Box newsletter which has lots of information about your produce and how to use it. Check out our past newsletters!

Also, we post a Sneak Peek on our blog every Friday before the next week's delivery. That way you will know what to expect in your next box a few days in advance!